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    Thank you for visiting Long Distance Movers.  Moving Long distance is a bit different to moving round the corner or even within the same city, and it needs certain attention to detail to ensure a smooth move. We specialise in moves between England and Scotland, Scotland and Wales, and Scotland to Northern Ireland and back.

    Long Distance Movers is a trading name of Long Distance Removals Ltd. We are based in Edinburgh, and we conduct moves to all over the country and beyond. We make trips up and down the country, everyday, and our specialisation is in conducting national moves.

    Whether you want a few boxes transported across the country, or a whole house or office relocated. We can certainly assist with the move and its planning.  


    Our Services:

    England and Scotland Removals

    We regularly conduct moves between Scotland and England, a lot of them between the two capitals. Edinburgh to London Removals is probably our most common removal route. Having said that, we have moved people from remote parts of England to outer Hebrides, so literally from any part of England to anywhere in Scotland would do. Similarly Glasgow to London removals are very common too.

    Scotland and Wales Removals

    Wales is a common destination for a lot of Scots and vice versa. We have been assisting people to realise their dream in moving from one picturesque part of the country to the other. Most moves take place from Scotland to Wales, but a lot of people are moving in the opposite direction too. Edinburgh to Swansea and Cardiff are common destinations.

    Scotland and Ireland

    When it comes to Irish removals, you cannot really make a distinction between the requests for Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. In fact, statistically we have probably moved more people to the republic. Because these moves always require a ferry in between, the delivery cannot always be made the same day. Most deliveries between Scotland and Ireland are made the following day, unless we pickup fairly early and are lucky with the ferry timings.

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    Within Scotland

    We carry out a lot of moves within Scotland too, Edinburgh and Glasgow removals are almost like a local removal due to the proximity of the city. Plenty of people move between Inverness and Edinburgh, and this can be achieved in one day in most cases. We have conducted moves to and from all cities and towns within Scotland. You don’t have to go away from Scotland for us to be able to serve you, we shall be able to assist you regardless. Feel free to consult us for your long-distance moving needs.

    Packing Facility

    Packing is exhausting, and we know that, hence the provision of a packing service. We can also provide an unpacking service if need be. The extent of packing can vary from export packing to just boxing items for transport or bubble wrapping pictures, whatever your needs, we can assist. Following the move we assist with unpacking and/or placing things back to where they belong, you just need to ask.

    Packing Materials

    Packing materials can be delivered to your door step a week or two before your moving date to give you ample time to pack. We provide all types of boxes, various sizes in single and doubles walled thickness, as well as the wardrobe boxes for your fancy dresses and suits. Tapes, newspaper-cuts, acid free paper and bubble wrap can all be included too. There is a wide variety of material so feel free to ask when you call.


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