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    How to Book?

    In case you are wondering how to book a move, following are 4 easy steps;


    • Fill in the Booking Form:

    Whether you intend to just enquire or book a House or Office move, our Online form is the key.
    You can fill in the booking form through the website or we can assist you over the phone. We prefer if customers TYPE the addresses rather than saying the postcodes over the phone, this eliminates any room for ERROR. Click Here to complete your form.

    We move Uprights, Grand Pianos & Baby Grand Pianos.
    In case you’re moving a Piano  Click Here and Fill in the Piano Enquiry Form !


    • We Will Call You:Book a Move

    Once we receive your request, we assess your requirements, check moving availability and contact you [phone + email] to discuss the details of your booking. Any ongoing offers will also be shared with you at this stage. You don’t have to wait for us to contact you. You can call us straight away – 0131 3321373  and we will be happy to assist with your booking over the phone.

    * Jobs can also be confirmed via email if you are not available over the phone. Click Here to complete your form.



    Wish to Book A Move?

    Call Now 0131 285 1116

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    • Booking Confirmation Email:

    All our customers receive a written booking confirmation email which includes: Their contact details, addresses, date & time of the move, charges, payment instructions and other specific details if applicable. We put things in writing for your peace of mind. Once you have checked all the details in the email it is time to Relax, that’s it all set for the moving day. It is usually a good idea to reply to the email confirming that you have received it. If for any reason you have not received the confirmation email please check your Junk Mail, failing which we will be glad to re-send it or even confirm the booking over the phone. Click Here to complete your form for Home or Office Removals !

    Are you moving a Piano? Click here for our Online Enquiry Form.



    • I Am Only Enquiring:

    Even if you are just enquiring, the one thing we will always need is ADDRESSES. Over the phone or emails we need postcodes to determine the distance etc. We prefer if the customer TYPES the addresses than saying the postcodes over the phone, this eliminates any room for CONFUSION. Other information like flights of stairs and list of contents is also helpful which you can provide using our enquiry form for your Piano Move. Don’t worry if you don’t have the complete details, just provide as much information as possible. It is common for customers to know that they are moving to a certain city or area but to confirm the exact address nearer to the time of the move. Once we have your details, we can analyse your needs and check our availability. For long-distance or specific quotes we can save your quote, should you need to contact us another time. Click Here to complete your Piano Enquiry form. We only ever contact you to supply a quote by email or phone, after that we do not unnecessarily chase or bother our clients, your contact details are safe with us. You will never be bombarded with sales calls or emails. Finally, we understand that forms are not for everyone, so our team are more than happy to take your details over the phone 🙂

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