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First Movers Ltd was established in autumn 2009. We started in East Lothian, but since most of our removal work was in Edinburgh city centre, we moved our operations to Edinburgh (Blackhall) in 2010.


Industry and Us  

The removal industry in the U.K is divided between individual ‘Man with a van’ type service providers and massive national removal firms. Both have their pros and cons: the difference in professionalism varies greatly but so do prices.  These are two extremes of the continuum and nothing much exists in between; something that is professional yet affordable. First Movers Ltd proudly filled this gap and started offering professional service at affordable prices.

Being small and local meant that we could be more flexible, friendly, and accommodating in comparison to some of the bigger firms and we could also offer a more personalized customer focused service. Our customers appreciated this and recommended the company to their friends; the business grew.



Our operations expanded from Edinburgh and now we operate in Glasgow and London as well. The most interesting development in our expansion was our start in Toronto, Canada in summer 2013. Exporting our vision, passion and expertise across the Atlantic has been an exciting journey that we thoroughly enjoyed. Not only are we planning to expand in other parts of the UK and Canada, we are exploring possibilities in sunny places like Dubai too. Our core focus is the same throughout, providing quality professional service at affordable prices.   



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Our Customers  

Our customers are the key to our success and it is not possible to describe and define First Movers Ltd without the help of our customers. We have created space where our customers can share their experience with you,  click here to see what they have to say. These views are the propellers of our success, we take great pride in communicating with our customers and accommodating their special needs and requirements, and we would be delighted to see you in the list too.


Why Us 

Affordable pricing for a professional service is not the only reason why you should hire us. See our Why Us page to read more.


Range Of Services: Local And National, Domestic, Office, Piano, Pack’n’Wrap…

‘Furthermore, we offer a range of services: both local and national domestic (home) removals, office removals, ‘pack’n’wrap and piano removals. Our personnel are experienced and fully equipped to move even grand pianos, so shifting uprights is a doddle! We even offer cleaning!


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‘Please explore the website, and don’t hesitate to call us, email a query or request a quote. We are very happy to discuss all your needs.’



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